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Lela Star is a major Porn Star nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule to model a few of our bikinis that you can buy right her!
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Our model is wearing this Baby Pink #2 top & B112 tear drop g-string
see-thru bikinis
Porn Star Lela Star in our Purple crotchless microkini  Lela Star in our yellow "string" crotchless bikini we call an XXX1
Porn Star Lela Star wearing our #5 Cheetah top & Chip-tie g-string Porn Star Lela Star is wearing our tiny Pink Lace microkini
Porn Star Lela Star is wearing our tiny Black Lace Microkini  Porn Star Lela Star is wearing our crotchless white suspender
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Aubrey Taylor in our crotchless red microkini we call the XXX1
crotchless Microkinis
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Porn Star ChiChi Medina is wearing this USA stars n stripes suspender thong we call a "BW"
Porn Star Lela Star in our tiny Baby Pink #0 top & Chip-Suspender 
Angela in our tiny Pink #0 top & Chip Microkini
Porn Star Lela Star in our crotchless String only bottom  Hot petite porn star Lela Star gets naked for Microkini Beach Porn Star Lela Star in our red suspender g-string swimwear
Our naked Seattle model shows her 8 inch Black stripper heels shoes
Porn star Lela Star in our white "X" crotchless string microkini     
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